Old Business
  • Pressbox now has air conditioning in it.
  • Endzone camera and generator have been purchased.
  • Spirit wear is now available
New Business
Discussed the need for a field house.
  • Coach Scharsch spoke about money that is sitting in a “General Fund” that can be used
  • Will be reaching out to other schools to find out how they funded the field house
  • Floor was open to anyone to discuss ideas on how to fund the field house
Concession stand
  • Members wanting to be able to accept debit cards at the concession stand and spirit booth
  • Life Point will be helping in the concession stand on Homecoming Night (September 25th )
  • Still needing volunteers to help in the concession stand
Team Meals
  • Jennifer asking for volunteers to help serve and clean up during the team meals (if you can volunteer let her know and arrive at the school by 3:30pm)
  • Need for sponsorship to provide meals for the Freshmen, JV, and Varsity teams
RHTC Meeting Minutes 09/10/2015